USING OUR WEBSITE:   All of the items listed on our website can be purchased online or collected in store. Items listed on external websites (our eBay, Discogs and MusicStack shops) can also be reserved and collected (or shipped to you) - simply send us an e-mail detailing the items you require (and where you found them) and we will gladly put them away for you to collect.

HOW WE CATALOGUE:  All of our vinyl is catalogued using the following system. Individual artists are catalogued under the first letter of their last name; so for example, David Bowie will be found under B. Groups are catalogued under the first letter of their name, excluding the word THE if this is present; so for example, The Who will be found under W and King Crimson will be found under K.

The left-hand menu lists all artists alphabetically and shows the number of items listed in each particular section. So clicking on A will display a drop-down menu listing all artists catalogued under A and the number of items in each sub-category. You can display any sub-category by either clicking the name in the left-hand menu or the relevant button in the main window.

VINYL GRADING:  We grade our vinyl using the standard gradings in 'Record Collector' magazine. The basis for grading the quality of records is explained in the 'Vinyl Grading' section. Please click on the relevant link at the top of the page.

PHOTOGRAPHS:  We display products on our website using ACTUAL photographs of the item for sale. The condition of any item particular item is clearly listed within the product description.