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The Hollies<br>20 Golden Greats<br>LP (UK pressing)
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Steve Vai<br>Passion and Warfare<br>LP (UK pressing)
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Bad Company<br>Rough Diamonds<br>LP (UK pressing)
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Bruce Springsteen<br>Nebraska<br>LP (EU pressing)
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Yes<br>Tormato<br>LP (US pressing)
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Bob Seger<br>Stranger In Town<br>LP (US pressing)
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Deep Purple<br>Nobody's Perfect<br>Double LP (GERMAN pressing)
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David Bowie<br>Tonight<br>LP (New 180 gram re-issue)
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AC/DC<br>If You Want Blood<br>LP (GERMAN pressing)
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Vangelis<br>Mask<br>LP (UK pressing)
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Jeff Buckley<br>Grace Re-Mastered<br>(New  re-issue)<br>LP
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The Doors<br>Strange Days<br>(New 180 gram re-issue)<br>LP
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Howard Jones<br>One To One<br>LP (UK pressing)
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Carole King<br>Love Makes The World<br>LP (EU pressing)
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Elvis Costello<br>Goodbye Cruel World<br>LP (GERMAN pressing)
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Bob Dylan<br>Before The Flood<br>(New 180 gram re-issue)<br>Double LP
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Bob Dylan<br>Time Out of Mind<br>(New 180 gram re-issue)<br>Double LP
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Led Zeppelin<br>In Through The Out Door (A sleeve)<br>LP (UK pressing)
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Prince<br>1999<br>(New re-issue)<br>LP
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Sub-Total: £268.73