1. Manic Street Preachers
    Send Away The Tigers
    Double LP (EU pressing)

    Price:  £19.99

    FORMAT:  2 x LP
    CATALOGUE NUMBER: 888985416431
    EU Pressing
    21 Tracks
    Grading (Vinyl / Sleeve): NEW / NEW
    STOCK #: 107218
    OTHER INFO: Brand new re-issue with download


    A1 Send Away The Tigers
    A2 Welcome To The Dead Zone
    A3 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
    A4 Indian Summer
    A5 The Second Great Depression

    B1 Rendition
    B2 Autumnsong
    B3 I'm Just A Patsy
    B4 Imperial Bodybags
    B5 Winterlovers
    B6 Working Class Hero

    C1 Send Away The Tigers (Demo, Faster Studios)
    C2 Underdogs (Demo, Faster Studios)
    C3 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (Demo – 60’s Jangle, Faster Studios)
    C4 Indian Summer (Cassette Home Accoustic Demo)
    C5 The Second Great Depression (Demo, Faster Studios)

    D1 Rendition (Cassette Home Acoustic Demo)
    D2 Autumnsong (Demo, Faster Studios)
    D3 I'm Just A Patsy (Cassette Home Acoustic Demo)
    D4 Imperial Bodybags (Demo, Faster Studios)
    D5 Winterlovers (Demo, Faster Studios)